Friday, October 4, 2013

Creating Illustrations

This week I wanted to make illustrations of the embroidery stitches used on the embellished wool piece I showed recently.
Since I know how to create each stitch with needle and thread, I thought it would be easy enough to draw them........trying to draw them from my mind's "eye" did not really work very well....they just did not look right. 
So, here is what I did, as I made each stitch, I drew what I was seeing, one step at a time.

a bullion stitch in progress

was the visual for my drawing

here, all of the steps for that stitch are rendered in pencil.

I did this for each of the different stitches, then scanned my drawings and added text.....voila! own illustrations fresh from my printer

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landscapelady said...

Nice! I could see you doing a book including your own illustrations. Or at be very least for a magazine - quilters Newsletter perhaps?

ferne said...

That looks great and a better description than words would be. Give yourself a nice pat on the back!

LA Paylor said...

great graphics. You can draw, talented you.
LeeAnna Paylor

Robbie said...

WOW...your talents never cease!

Createology said...

You are a true artist being able to draw what you see. Stitching illustrations that look sew real I thought they were the needle and thread. Blissful Stitching Dear...

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