Thursday, June 19, 2014

It simply can not be "forced"

Something I am learning, is, that for me, drawing can not be forced.

By that, I mean to say that I can not schedule time to draw as I might when it comes to sewing. I can sew day or night, for hours at a time, I don't even have to think about it.
But putting pencil to paper seems to require more from me, I am not certain I can even explain it, but I need to be "in the mood" and even then, my subject matter has to be something that I find interesting.

Every now and then I find myself in the mood to draw, have my sketch book and pencils ready  but little in the way of inspiration near by.

This happened recently, when I found myself with the urge to draw, the only thing close at hand was this large weed. I believe it is called Nightshade.
Even though it is a weed and likely not what one might consider to be pretty subject matter, I thought it had many very interesting elements and found my pencil moving quickly to try to capture them

I then recalled that some time ago, I had "doodled" this weed......I needed to flip through my pile of old sketch books to find it


MooseStashQuilting said...

Well, I am jealous. I can't draw forced or not. Stick people are about all I am proficient at! And there are days that's a challenge too. LOL!!

Diane J. Evans said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. The muse has to be present, and you just don't feel like drawing when she's not there (impetuous girl that she is). However, you managed to make a weed look so incredibly beautiful that I would never have known it was a weed. And your doodle of it really makes me smile.

May your muse find you often and with paper and pen in hand.


Robbie said...

Just beautiful...wait! A weed!!! Who knew!!! Another wonderful output!!

Maureeneh said...

Almost makes me sad that I pulled out about half of bushel of this weed today!

marsha said...

those are lovely drawings!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love all those tangles.

Joan said...

Done beautifully Jill. You are very talented

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