Sunday, August 23, 2015

Evolution of my Drawing Style

It was a little more than 10 years ago when a repetitive strain injury to my left arm drastically limited many of my activities. It was right around then that I took an introduction to drawing class and bought a couple of books.
I really am a "greyscale" monochromatic type gal and was quickly drawn to graphite work.
I learned to work from a photograph using a "grid" method.  I would place a small grid over the photo and create a larger grid on my drawing area at a time......observing....drawing.....slowly trying to duplicate the image.

The photo
drawing in progress with grid
Finished pencil drawing
I could do it with a certain degree of success, but it took me hours and hours, I would work on each drawing over the course of several days. I rarely showed anyone the finished drawings  ( I do what a lot of us do.....let that negative self-talk creep know the one....that says it is not good enough)
Drawing in this manner required time  (lots of time), patience and was not very "portable" for me

At some point after starting my blog, I joined a creative prompt group. The idea was to do something creative in response to a single word posted each week. I began doing quick doodles and posting them to the group (posting them quick before I lost my nerve) early ones were pretty rough, but the idea was to be creative...and by posting whatever I drew no matter what, I learned to let go of that negative talk (well mostly)
I could draw these anywhere, anytime.....always took a sketchbook with me and would draw where ever and whenever I found myself with a few minutes  What a fabulous way to bring about inspiration and while I have not posted to the group in quite some time Jaye is still posting those "prompt" words....last week she posted word number 324 .....Wow!

Those silly drawings continue to evolve. When Janome showed interest in turning some of those doodles into machine embroidery, I quickly learned to refine the doodle.
just take a look at the difference between the bee that they first saw and the bee I refined to work better in a stitched version.
and how it looks in machined stitches

Another example would be this early flower doodle

This is how I draw them today

Unlike those early graphite drawings, drawing this way allows me to NOT become obsessed over the details, always trying to get it "right" and it is great fun drawing things with quirky details instead of trying to achieve complete realism. 


Robbie said...

Wow!! The dog is amazing!!!! Your drawing is wonderful!!! The redo of the doodles is wonderful!!!

The Inside Stori said...

You make it sound so effortless and of course it’s YOUR talent that rises with these drawing…..simply fabulous!

Createology said...

I believe you have a "God" given talent that fortunately you were able to find and refine through the years. Your doodles really make me swoon over all the details and beauty you draw into each one. Janome knew a smart thing when they saw it. That embroidered bee is stunning. Thank you for sharing your drawing journey with us. Let's hope your arms hold out and let you continue to draw forever. Creative Doodling Bliss...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You are amazing. That bee is incredible and tell that naughty "self doubter" in your head to take a permanent vacation. You have the most incredible talent! :) :) :)

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