Monday, March 28, 2016

Dressform Cover

Recently, I decided I wanted to design a few new garments for myself ( it has been a very long time away from that particular discipline)  I really dislike the look of the typical home sewer's dress form.....that red, those gaps and ugly dials are not a pretty sight and I find it distracting when I am trying to visualize the finished look of a garment in process. SO.....figured it was time to cover up the ugly!

I am a "make do" sort of gal, and happened to have some of this rib knit on hand, it turned out to be the perfect fabric choice for the job.  It has terrific stretch, it is nice and thick with extremely good memory to hold the shaping.

I started by simply making a "tube" and placed it on the dress form. I allowed lots extra at the bottom as I knew that I ultimately would be creating a drawstring closure to pull it all together.  I pinned the center back, stretching to get a smooth (but not too tight) fit, I pinned the shaping up at the neck and shoulder area, took it off the form.........stitched and trimmed.

....then placed it back on the mannequin repeating the process for a few refinements until I had a smooth, well fitted cover. 

Now, my garments look much better as I work on them, and the form itself is a much more pleasing sight when not in use.


Mrs G makes stuff said...

What a clever solution! The dress form certainly looks much better and will no doubt take pins better than ever before.

Sandi Whitford said...

Great idea, think I should do that too.Mine has lots of gasps for adjustments and it does look ugly. I keep it dressed just for that reason.

Phyllis in Iowa said...

Your dress cover solution is ingenious.
However, as a sewing machine collector, I quickly spotted several toy sewing machines lined up on the white shelves. My small toy sewing machine collection includes a Betsy Ross hand crank from my childhood.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

What a great idea and your dress form turned out wonderful. I really need to do this too. I have an old dress form I got at a garage sale and the fabric is bare in spots. No dials on mine, but lots of gaps, so I may need to stuff the gaps first as this form is not padded. I think I have some knit fabric somewhere too...hope it's enough.

Robbie said...

Only you would or could come up with this!!!! And it looks so perfect!

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