Friday, April 8, 2016


Can one have too many pincushions?
I have several, but of course, there are plenty of times that one is not always immediately, I thought I would like to make up a little sewing "kit" that could sit by my chair in the living room, but have it not look like a sewing kit.
The project got started when I came across this perfect trinket box at a second hand shop.

I began fashioning some simple pincushions by tightly rolling strips of wool felt, held together by a couple of stitches

A piece of wool felt stitched to the underside of the lid, allows a variety of hand sewing needles and needle threader to be stored.

there is room for a stitch ripper, thimbles and scissors and should I require a little extra room, one of those rolled pincushions could easily be removed for supply substitution

 Would you have initially guessed what this pretty box contained?

I also find that often, when I am at my dress form, the nearest pincushion is generally on the other side of the room.  I easily found a solution to take care of that reoccurring problem.

It was a pretty basic fix. A "pattern" was made by tracing the shape of the top of the dress form, I cut one piece (the bottom) from felt and another about a 1/2" bigger all around from the same knit fabric that the dress form cover had been made with. (see my last post)  A few hand stitches around the outside edge of the larger piece allowed it to be drawn in to fit the smaller piece, while also creating  room for filling....the two were stitched together, turned right side out and the cavity firmly stuffed.

The resulting pincushion was first pinned to the top of the dress form cover,

 and finally, hand stitched securely in place

Pins are now always exactly where I need them...........when I need them.


Judys Lace Creations said...

I adore pincushions too!!I love yours.The first is my fav.

Robbie said...

Still my idol! You are so clever!

Ann said...

Both of these are such clever and useful ideas. Thanks!

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