Sunday, January 8, 2017

Designing for an Embroidery Artist

You may remember that some time ago, I talked about how honoured and excited I was when Trish Burr contacted me with an interest in turning one of my doodles into her unique style of embroidery.
If you are not familiar with Trish's work, I suggest have a look at her web site and Etsy shops, here & here..... she is an extraordinary embroidery artist, teacher, and author.

What I have not told you is that since that first project, I have worked with Trish on both existing and new designs  (some of which I will reserve for a later post)

let me begin by introducing Chloe. 
Chloe will be a sister to an earlier design.

My first feline doodle pictured below, was transformed by Trish into a gorgeous embroidery design she calls Katarina, which is available to purchase as a pattern or as a full kit....Katarina has been extremely popular and now Trish will perform her stitching magic on Chloe.

I should be clear that, Trish "redesigns" my drawings to better relate to needle and thread....and what she does is absolutely remarkable!

Last year Trish also turned my reindeer doodle into the fabulous "Prancer" who was a featured project in Inspirations Magazine issue #88 and apparently has become one of their most popular Christmas themed projects.

as I mentioned, there are a few more that I will talk about in another post, but what I will say is that Trish has a new book coming out soon, and I am completely thrilled that a couple of those new designs are based on doodles I did expressly for her.



Createology said...

Jill dear I feel you and Trish Burr have a magical connection when working your designs in pen and ink and then in needle and threads. Stunning and elegant to say the least. I shall look forward to future collaborations of your magical duo. Wonderful 2017 of Creative Bliss...XO

Jackie said...

Wow... u are sooo uber talented!

Robbie said...

Chloe is are all of your other designs...what a wonderful compliment you and Trish are for each other!!!

Diane J. Evans said...

What a magnificent duo! The two of you have produced the most amazing designs one can imagine -- what artistry! I can't wait to see what the future holds.


Quilter Beth said...

These are fabulous drawings! I love the work both you and Trish are doing. You work together VERY well! Love these.

quiltedfabricart said...

What a perfect collaboration ! You are both very talented and together - wow! So happy for you 👍

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