Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Deconstruction....reclaiming yarn

Those of you who visit this site know that I like a challenge, that I like to "try" playing with fiber in a variety of ways.  As with most creative types, I have many interests. One of them is knitting and as is true with much of what I like to do, it is more about the process than the finished product.

Not long ago, I happened upon a video featuring a gentleman who deconstructs sweaters to reclaim yarn with which to knit. That caught my interest immediately. If you are a knitter, one who prefers to use quality yarns, you know it can get expensive in a hurry.....but this was less about saving a few bucks and more about experimenting (cause let me tell you...I have discovered it is a time consuming endeavor)

Anyway, at a thrift shop, for a $1.76, I found a large sized, 100% cotton, man's sweater. It was clean with no holes and looked to be a great candidate for disassembling

it did take me a couple of hours to get it apart, it is likely the most important part of the process because if you are not careful and cut into those wont be getting nice long continuous yarn ( to give you an idea.....I am getting anywhere from 100m to 300m of continuous yarn in each ball)

once I had a piece turned into a ball, I put it into skeins it so it could "un-kinked". (see how kinky it was)

after a warm bath it is relaxed

I even tried a couple of dye tests.

it is knitting up wonderfully......the photo below is showing the cream ( which is the reclaimed sweater yarn knit in seed stitch)  draped along with something I had previously knit using a decently priced cotton yarn....I really can't tell the difference in the feel and drape.


Claudia said...

Wow.. that takes some patience. It came out beautiful !!... Learning to dye yarn is on my list too... not sure when I will ever find time for that. Have a good day.

Glenda said...

mmmmmm, beautiful.

susan hemann said...

I have taken sweaters apart to use as beards and hair for dolls

The Inside Stori said...

You ALWAYS me with your talents and incredibly interesting ideas!

Robbie said...

Who knew!!! Jill knew and shared with us!!!

Kim said... Just wanted to share this with you.
Love your ideas and creativity :0)

Createology said...

Dedication is what this task required and you completed it in completely beautiiful knitted Bliss. Your process and experimenting are very interesting. Hmmm...a warm bath to relax the kinky yarn? I think that might help my kinky bones. Lovely work dear.

sewnut said...

it does look soft. My mom and Grammy had often unwound sweaters and reknit with the yarn.
Patience is a virtue.

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