Saturday, February 11, 2017

Reclaiming and Repurposing yarn

My last post was about deconstructing a thrift shop find. My first test subject, a 100% cotton sweater. It has provided me with a good amount of yarn to play with as you can see in the photo below.

I dyed some of it a sort of, mottled, dark, Denim-y blue and left the rest that natural cream colour.

It is lovely to work with, soft to the touch with such wonderful drape. 
here is a peek at how it is currently looking on my needles

I am rather surprised at the amount of yarn I managed to reclaim. (what you see in the bin in the top photo along with what I have already knit) appears that I will have enough for a couple of projects


Robbie said...

And yet "she" continues to amaze her blog friends! Actually, quite resourceful and very nice project!

chris said...

Well, I'm impressed - love the thought of doing it - in fact, I think I remember my Gran.dma doing this ,but she remitted with crinkly wool! Love that you dye it & give it a new lease on life. You are inspiring -

chris said...

That should read 'knitted'

Createology said...

Wow what a huge supply of yarn you were able to reclaim. Like your dyed bit also. Lovely drape to what you are knitting. Who knew? Happy Knitting...

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