Monday, February 20, 2017

Knitting with reclaimed yarn

Okay, I seem to be stuck in knit mode currently.  I deconstructed another sweater.
This one was labeled 70% Cotton / 30% Lambs wool. 

This is a look at the amount of yarn I managed to salvage, (roughly 340g ) and the start of my very first sock

and here is the completed sock, now to see if I can actually make its twin


Robbie said...

You are a hoot!! But also, as always, my hero! HA

Glenda said...

The person who originally owned that sweater will never have dreamed that it would someday morph into socks! What truly magnificent upcycling. Very nice sock!!

Createology said...

Lovely sock. I only see one circular needle to knit your sock. Usually I see five (5!) short double point needles going in all crazy directions. NO...I have never tried to knit socks. Your yarn stash is fabulous and who would have thought it came from recycling sweaters. are multi gifted dear. <3

Royce said...

I have never been a good knitter but I really appreciate this craft your sock is gorgeous and one of my fav colors

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