Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spin and Ply

My experimenting with reclaimed yarn continues.  After deconstructing this lambswool sweater, I found that the yarn was extremely fine.

SO.......I decided to create a drop spindle that would allow me to "ply" the yarns together

A few simple bits from the hardware store came together to form a surprisingly effective spindle.

the yarn plied on the spindle is shown on the left and to the right, is a purchased sock yarn, as you can see they look very close to the same weight.  They knit up well together.

below, you can see the single ply as it came off the sweater, along side the yarn that had been plied on the drop spindle in the process of being knit

I also have a some reclaimed silk on the is being plied and dyed and turning out wonderfully


Diane J. Evans said...

Goodness, you never cease to amaze us! You would have made a great pioneer woman, you know.

Two questions: I'm struggling with those darned double pointed needles. What brand and length circular needles are you using on your socks? And what brand of yarn winder do you have? I can't find one that's large enough to hold a good-sized skein of yarn.

Thanks for all your sharing -- I love it!


Lynette said...

Those are gorgeous colors

Robbie said...

OK, I am totally IMPRESSED! Geezzz what can't you do!

Createology said...

Your spindle is very smart and looks like it worked wonderfully. The silk yarn dyed is gorgeous. Serene Sunday to You...<3

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