Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Doodle and Wonderful Surprises

Jaye at ArtQuiltmaker is still hard at it providing us with weekly prompt words. Have you gotten involved yet? Give it a try, it is a fabulous way to get inspired. There are now a list of 60 plus words, so no least a couple have to spark your interest. You can do as many or as few as you like. Click here for more info, here and here for the lists of words.

Prompt word # 68 is Oval.
It occurred to me that safety pins are kind of oval in shape

A little while back Jaye was having a giveaway and I was one of many who were to receive some beautiful silk pieces she had acquired from a tie factory that used to be near her. I thought I might get a few pieces but OMG, just look at what I received in today's mail. I had to show you both the right and wrong sides of these fabrics. What will I do with them??? Don't know just yet, but I will for sure try to use these in something fabulous. oh.......and more ovals????
Click on the photos to get a better view.

This is turning into a pretty great week. Yesterday I attended the Scottish Tea/ artist reception at McDougall Cottage in Cambridge, Ontario, where the 8th annual "Wee" Quilt Challenge is being displayed until Labour day. Once again, the artist's have outdone themselves with their gorgeous interpretation of the theme "Celtic Connections"
These "wee" quilts can be no larger than 24"x24" and must include is absolutely amazing to see what can be done with such little real estate.

I am completely delighted to tell you that my piece "Celtic Roots" was awarded an Honourable Mention
Here it is hanging at the show.
In the next day or two, I will show how this original design progressed from a tiny little sketch to the final quilt. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed working on this one all the way through.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Celtic Roots. And those totally yummy silks! Look forward to seeing those transformed.

Jackie said...

Oh Jill, you are doing fab in quilt awards! And pls do post as i want to know how you did your trunk.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Congrats, congrats!!!
And what a haul on the tie silk! That is much easier than taking them apart to salvage the I did hundreds of times....oy.
I think when it comes to interesting fabric, sanity takes a vacation along the way.


Anonymous said...

Big congrats on your Celtic Roots ribbon!! Oval...I think egg. See the difference between you the artist and me the ordinary? :-)

Janet said...

Very lovely. Congratulations!

Clare Wassermann said...

I really love that safety pin! You are truly an out of the box thinker (that's a compliment by the way!!).

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

As usual everything is wonderful, Jill. Brava and keep creating! :)

Sherri said...

Always a treat to see a new posting from you! VERY clever idea on the tree!

Robbie said...

You are so clever!! A safety pin! You just keep impressing (& inspiring!)..thanks!

Carol said...

This might seem like an odd thing to say but Celtic Roots looks like an organic ice-cream cone :) (Just my strange Scottish/Celtic brain at work.)
Congratulations on the award.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I agree with everyone else that Celtic tree is incredible! Inquireing minds NEED to know how you did the tree an how did you do the celitc roots design??
Also Jill, on your doodles, I just love all of them. Could you give tips on doing doodles?

Jaye said...

I was wondering if the silks arrived and am glad they finally did! I am also glad you like them. I can't wait to see what you end up making. I love your wee plaid quilt. It reminds me of Linda's tree doodle (remember this one: ?) I love your interpretation of the oval word! Great idea! Nice work and thanks for the plug.

Karen S said...

I love those spots!!! I am picturing something spikey to offset all that roundness! Like Anne said, what a haul!

Love "Celtic Roots" Can't wait to see the process.

Quilter Kathy said...

OH my gosh girl! You are amazing!
I am studying this quilt to see how you did the binding! Do tell us all about are the branches fastened on?

Esther said...

Congrats! What wonderful celtic work.... ohhh love it!

prashant said...

Look forward to seeing those transformed.
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