Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Graffiti and a doodle

Let's start with the doodle. This week's prompt word is Home and since it is Baseball season I thought I would do........ home plate.

I promised I would show how my piece "Graffiti" evolved. ( see earlier posts)
I began with a fairly simple idea. I wanted to use text to create an interesting design but also have a message.

My first task was to figure out not only what I wanted to say, but also how to do lettering that had a graffiti "feel" but still be legible to the viewer.

I played in my sketchbooks until I thought I had something usable. I drew one section and photographed it, I printed 2 the right way around and the other mirror imaged. By printing 6 of each of these, cutting and taping them together.....I was then able to see the secondary designs that developed.

So here are some photos of the progression............Click on any of the images to get a better view.

The piece of fabric you see on the table started out as plain off white cotton. I used Setacolour paint to colour the background on which I would do all of the pen and brush work. It is almost a lime green in the centre and works it's way from there through yellows and into oranges.

Here you see the very early stage of the pen work on the fabric.

I plan to continue to show more of this in coming posts.


Robbie said...

I was raised in Pennsylvania but I must have been from Missouri in a previous life! I'm a 'show me' kind of gal! thanks so much for showing us how you started your idea and progress on graffiti!! Can't wait to see more pix's! Love, love the 'home plate'. I just rec'd Sandy Bartholomew's 'Totally Tangled' book! It's great!!! Full of 'tangles' and tips!! You two should get together!! Your doodling is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love to 'see' how the artists thinks. You can appreciate all the thought that goes into such a beautiful piece.

Rian said...

I am loving seeing how "the man behind the curtan" operates. And I never realized before that home plate in baseball looks like a house.

Clare Wassermann said...

Thanks - we are privileged to see your process

Createology said...

I just am amazed by your incredible talents. Thank you for sharing. Happy creating...

Diane J. Evans said...

AMAZING!! And, yes, very mathematical! Love the way you worked from the inside out. This quilt must be breathtaking in person. I hope to see it some day!


Anonymous said...

Still amazed at your work....:-)

prashant said...

'Totally Tangled' book! It's great!!! Full of 'tangles' and tips!! You two should get together!! Your doodling is fantastic!
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