Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paint, Inks, Gel and a doodle

This week's prompt word is Leaf............and I am Canadian eh!

My last couple of posts have raised a number of questions that I will try to answer here.

What textile medium do I like? Well, I have tried a few of the ones on the market and so far, the one I like best is the Jo Sonja's and although it does not make the fabric "stiff" you can still tell it is there. If you are using a paint not recommended for fabric this one is a good choice.

With paints or inks that are recommended for fabric, I am really liking the clear Aloe Vera Gel. I wanted to see what happens after it is washed.
I was asked what pens I use on fabric. I have a couple of brands of pigment or Micron pens which are waterproof and fade proof archival ink, but I also sometimes use Sharpie Markers. For this experiment I used the same Sharpie marker that I use in my sketchbook when I doodle.

I started by redrawing that flower from a couple of weeks ago. The pencil I LOVE, is General's Sketch and Wash all surface graphite. It goes on fabric effortlessly. Use a light hand and it washes right out.
tip....Freezer paper ironed to the fabric's wrong side acts like a stabilizer
I then used a Sharpie marker to completely doodle on the white fabric and only added a few details on the other which would next be painted.

So another question asked, was if I mixed the ink or paint with the gel first. The answer to that one is yes and no. I have tried both ways and I have to say that with the all purpose inks I like to mix my colours first ( the inks are very thin and fluid) but with the paints( which tend to be thicker) I prefer to brush the gel over the surface of the fabric and then load my brush paint. Either way works, so I guess it is personal preference. I am not a painter by any means.

I also wanted to know could the gel be left overnight if I happened to be working on a larger project. I found that it was fine even after a couple of days. I had slipped my palette into a plastic bag which seemed to keep everything from drying out.

Once I had added colour with paint, ink and gel I also added more details using coloured Sharpie markers. Both pieces were heat set and then it was time to do a wash test. They were washed in warm water and regular laundry detergent. I found that nothing bled, I lost no colour, the marker stayed stable and best of all the gel rinses right out leaving nothing behind on the fabric. (Most textile mediums do change the "hand"of the fabric to some degree.)
I should note that Sharpies are not recommended for fabric. I have not had any problems with them yet but then again I am not creating heirloom pieces either.

So not only did I learn a few things, I also have a couple of Thank you postcards ready to put in the mail.


Deb H said...

Thanks for all of the great tips!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some great tips here, thank you! I like Jo Sonja medium too, although I don't often paint on fabric these days. You might have just inspired me though!

Sherri said...

This puts a whole new perspective on your patience level too! Love your leaf...of course! :)

Calamity Jain said...

Jill, You rock! The tips and info are always so timely and your examples are so lovely.
And yes, I'm still following your blog after two years!

Robbie said...

Wow..I feel like I was at school and just had a great lesson. Now I want to go play!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!! Did you get me email from QA and Judy Perez's use of aloe vera?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I too have had good luck with the fine tip sharpies. While I like the micron pens for their nibs, I have found the sharpies lay down more ink. I have some pieces from about 15 years ago and the sharpie did fine.
Sometimes I think everyone gets too wound up about the piece down the road as opposed to just making the art in the moment.
The aloe vera gel has me MOST INTRIGUED! (and yes, I love the leaf---looks like the old Toronto Hockey Sweaters!)


Diane J. Evans said...

These are so wonderful, Jill -- I can't begin to describe how they make me smile. You say you're not a painter, but I say, "Au contraire!!) (How's that for sharing my French with my friend north of the border?!) Those postcards are magnificent!


Anonymous said...

I love the tips you have shared however I must say...there is no way that I can get anything to even come close to your artwork. I just love it! I'm a number one fan for sure and yes....still have the plastic on mine! They are heirloom...someday when you are rich and famous....I can say....I knew her when!

Clare Wassermann said...

Thank you very much for all you share here

Barb said...

Jill ~ Love the leaf. I've got some art projects planned for the kids this summer and zentangles are definitely on the top of the list. Also passed your blog on to the art teacher at the school. I've gotten a few people hooked.

Jaye said...

Love the leaf! I knew you would come up with something amazing! I couldn't take in all the info about the gel and inks, but will come back and look at it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you can walk to a car show every weekend!!! To cool!
Your flower is beautiful the color combos you used are lovely. I plan on trying those pens next. I just did my first bird! I will post it in a few days, I want to hear what you think. Also are you sticking with mostly white fabric to draw on? I did something on yellow and really muted down my colors, Must be that learning curve! LOL

Carol said...

That's great. I want to try some of your suggestions but will probably have to wait till school goes back in August. Yep it's almost THAT time of year again :)
Love the leaf.

Kim said...

Great info......so now I have 1 question about how you get your postcard to look so beautifully finished without faying or looking "ripped' on the edges.
Plus I am so impressed with your freestyle quilting.....any tips there?

Happy Sewing

prashant said...

I don't often paint on fabric these days. You might have just inspired me though!
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Joan said...

Thank you so much for your great talk. Its very helpful I will come back and read it again soon...and a HUGE thank you for the poster printing site.

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